Risk Profile Calculator

Personal Information

Step 1 - What is your age-group?

60 and Above
Between 51 and 60
Between 41 and 50
Between 31 and 40
Under 30

Step 2 - Number of people dependant on you?

More than 2

Step 3 - Your understanding of investments and markets?

very litle understanding
Have enough experience to understand the importance of diversification
Understand market fluctuations and that different finacial instruments offer                               different income, growth and taxation characterstics
Experienced with all investment instruments and understand the various                                factors which may influence performance

Step 4 - What are your preferred investment classes?

Bank FDs, liquid mutual funds
Bonds, Dept Mutual funds
Equity Mutual funds and Direct equity
Intraday trading, equity futures and options, Commodities

Step 5 - While evaluating a major investment, your focus is on ...?

Always the possible losses
Usually the possible losses
Usually the possible gains
Always the possible gains

Step 6 - If you invest in an equity share that drops 8% the next day                          you, what will you do?

Hold on till the shares come back to your cost price and sell it.
Book your loss and invest in fixed deposits or bonds
Do not bother becouse you had done enough research on the company
Average your cost by investing more in the same share at a lower price

Step 7 - How long will you hold on to an investment?

Less than 1 year
From 1 to 3 years
From 3 to 5 years
More than 5 years

Step 8 - How many years are left for your retirement?

Already retired
Less than 10 years
About 10-15 years
More than 15 years

Step 9 - If your income stops today, how long can you survive financially?

3 months - 6 months
6 months - 9 months
9 months - 1 year
Only 1 year

Step 10 - What level of fluctualtion would you generally comfortable with?

Fluctuation between -5% and +5%
Fluctuation between -10% and +10%
Fluctuation between -15% and +15%
Fluctuation between -20% and +20%
Age Group
No of Dependents
Investment Markets
Investment Classes
Investment Evaluate
Invest in Equity Share
Investment Duration
Retirement Years
Cope Expenses