Investments Plans

Monthly Plan

Journey of thousand miles starts with single step, it does not matter how fast you travel what matters is you must be on the journey. Same way it is important to identify financial goals by keeping their time frame of 15-20 years, monthly saving is best way to keep in line with your financial goals. We fund most of the important needs like household expenses, school fee, telephone bills, gas bills, electricity bills on monthly basis same way it is best to start saving on monthly basis. If you invests in ULIPS are Mutual fund it also helps you with better average of units and in other investment and saving plans it makes better routine. Huge sum accumulated over a period of 15-25 years definitely gives satisfaction of being a prudent investor.

*Rs. 2762/month if saved regularly for 20 years @ 10% return will give you 19.75 lakh. This is power of regular saving.

Saving Plan

Saving should always be goal oriented and in ones happy living life there are too many goals one decides after he starts earning. Like Buying a house, Own marriage, travelling abroad for honeymoon trip, child education, child professional education, child marriage, retirement. Saving plan should always be spread over a period of 12-20 years tenure for better returns. Weather you invest in equalities, mutual fund, life insurance, gold or any other instrument your saving plan should beat inflation and manage tax liability. It is advisable to take professional assistance while choosing a saving plan once you have decided the goal for saving.

Child Plan

Children Insurance Plans are saving plans that are designed keeping in mind children’s specific milestones like education and marriage. Child plans offer insurance cover to father as well as child. Selecting an insurance policy for children is one of the best ways to secure their future. It provides them with the required economic support. Planning for a child’s future should start as soon as he becomes a part of your world. Starting early will help you keep ahead of your child’s requirements. Invest in a way that you get optimal returns and ensure that the child gets the money no matter what the circumstances will be.

There are two primary needs for which parents should plan - education and marriage of the child. You need to consider the time and year of required funds for the respective events. The maturity amount should be sufficient to meet the future needs. By future needs, we mean not just academic needs; the plan should also provide for extra-curricular talents and interests. Tomorrow if your child wants to learn how to play the piano or pursue their interest in lawn tennis further, you need to make arrangements such that they can be taken care of satisfactorily. While planning for the amount of expenses, keep in mind the inflation, which may increase your requirements manifold.

If cost of MBA from B grade college today is app 6 lakh, MBA from same college after 18 years would cost close to 20.27 lakh (inflation taken at 7% per annum). Saving of Rs 55745/- for 18 years will ensure this amount guaranteed for higher education of child.

Retirement Plan

Energy level to work, make money and run that extra mile slow down over a period of time, weather you are in service, in business or a professional, time comes in life when you feel like retiring and start leaving on your own terms but without worrying too much for making money.

Retirement is also called the golden period of one’s life. The best thing about retirement is that there are no compulsions. You can conduct your life at your own pace. Ensure that you don’t have to depend on anyone in your non-working years for medical support or other expanses.

Retirement plans are designed to give you this peace of mind, golden rule is to start saving early while you are young thus you can give maximum time for accumulate your fund that can be invested in annuity. Pension plan come in traditional as well as ULIP platform, proper retirement planning is most important aspect in one’s life and one should take professional help & advice to plan it with utmost care.

*Keeping inflation in mind a life style that is maintained with Rs. 30000 today will need min Rs. 82000 after 25 years from now.

Health Plan

“India has the highest incidence of heart related diseases in the world and the number of those affected is likely to double by 2015”

There is no bigger asset in the world than a healthy body and mind. It is important to pay special attention to your health needs. There is no age to take a health insurance plan because diseases can strike at any time. So, the earlier the better.

Even if you save for a rainy day, you have to be sure that it is enough when the medical needs arise. Health insurance is the right source to take care of all your healthcare treatments. Also, your other plans don't have to be on hold to accommodate the medical contingency. A health plan may come from a Life, General, Health Insurance company since the quality of medical care is getting expensive every passing day it is important to use a health plan at the earliest possible age of life.

Health plans cover accidental riders as well as critical illness & general hospitalization.

Wedding Plan

Daughter/Son’s marriage is much awaited & most important celebration in one’s life. No doubt every mother/father awaits this day with great aspirations, you want to show to your nears and dears your class and status. In Indian marriages money not only flows but flows quite lavishly. This is one occasion where you don’t want to make any compromises & that is where a well thought over wedding plan oriented saving is initiated from early years of child.

*A marriage that costs 12 lakh today will need app 42.46 lakh after 20 years from now (inflation taken at 7%). Regular saving of Rs. 105290/year or 8895/month will make you meet these expanses as a proud father/mother.